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Cruise Ship news story

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Multimedia Journalism – Setting up your blog

Today we’re going to concentrate on getting you started blogging. First we’ll set up a blog using WordPress┬áthen we’ll look a bit at blogs in general and why they’re still interesting. Then we’ll look at writing online and how it differs from writing in print – in particular we’ll look at how to link. Then we’ll get you writing a short news update post, with links to your sources.

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Multimedia journalism presentation – some useful links

In the powerpoint on Multimedia Journalism which I used in today’s session, I mentioned a couple of writers whose work is really worth looking at in more detail, if you want to think more about this whole area.

Henry Jenkins has his own blog, where he talks over his current research. His book – Convergence Culture – has been out for a while. When it was first published, he put some introductory notes about it on his blog.

Paul Bradshaw runs a brilliant blog about online journalism – his guide to the BASIC principles of online journalism is on his blog. The series covers brevity, adaptability, scannability, interactivity and community/conversation.

In the powerpoint I focused on adaptability and linked the ideas there to some of Paul’s other writing about how news organisations should change to respond to the net – in particular his ideas about the news diamond. That post is part of a larger series of posts about the 21st Century newsroom, which are also worth looking at.

Another writer you should definitely follow when it comes to online multimedia is Adam Westbrook – his blog regularly highlights really interesting multimedia and online trends in general.

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What is multimedia journalism – some useful links

In today’s powerpoint, I talked about building on Paul Bradshaw’s ideas about adaptability and the news diamond and thinking about how to combine different media types to tell news stories more effectively…

There’s lots of experimentation going on in this area at the moment. People are trying out new combinations of media and new ideas to see what works.I mentioned some sites that are good places to go to keep up with what’s new:

As for some specific projects you could look at, I mentioned a few in class:

  • Jonas Bendiksen’s The Places We Live – there are a few technical glitches with this site at the moment, but when it’s working – which it seems to be at the time of posting, it’s really interesting
  • The New York Times’ One in 8 Million
  • Going to the End of the Line – more from the New York Times
  • No Such Label – an interactive feature package from Flyp Media, who’ve gone out of business now, I think – but the people who worked there are now doing interesting work on lots of tablet-based publications.

If there’s time we may look at some videos:

  • A profile of Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist
  • Dan Chung’s video report on the Arizona Shootings memorial
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