Multimedia journalism presentation – some useful links

In the powerpoint on Multimedia Journalism which I used in today’s session, I mentioned a couple of writers whose work is really worth looking at in more detail, if you want to think more about this whole area.

Henry Jenkins has his own blog, where he talks over his current research. His book – Convergence Culture – has been out for a while. When it was first published, he put some introductory notes about it on his blog.

Paul Bradshaw runs a brilliant blog about online journalism – his guide to the BASIC principles of online journalism is on his blog. The series covers brevity, adaptability, scannability, interactivity and community/conversation.

In the powerpoint I focused on adaptability and linked the ideas there to some of Paul’s other writing about how news organisations should change to respond to the net – in particular his ideas about the news diamond. That post is part of a larger series of posts about the 21st Century newsroom, which are also worth looking at.

Another writer you should definitely follow when it comes to online multimedia is Adam Westbrook – his blog regularly highlights really interesting multimedia and online trends in general.


About Jim

I'm the Principal Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Westminster and course leader for the BA (Hons) degree in Journalism. Used to be a magazine journalist, mostly for i-D, The Face, Arena and Esquire and I covered the net and did new media things for The Guardian, The Observer and the BBC. But that seems a long time ago.
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