What is multimedia journalism – some useful links

In today’s powerpoint, I talked about building on Paul Bradshaw’s ideas about adaptability and the news diamond and thinking about how to combine different media types to tell news stories more effectively…

There’s lots of experimentation going on in this area at the moment. People are trying out new combinations of media and new ideas to see what works.I mentioned some sites that are good places to go to keep up with what’s new:

As for some specific projects you could look at, I mentioned a few in class:

  • Jonas Bendiksen’s The Places We Live – there are a few technical glitches with this site at the moment, but when it’s working – which it seems to be at the time of posting, it’s really interesting
  • The New York Times’ One in 8 Million
  • Going to the End of the Line – more from the New York Times
  • No Such Label – an interactive feature package from Flyp Media, who’ve gone out of business now, I think – but the people who worked there are now doing interesting work on lots of tablet-based publications.

If there’s time we may look at some videos:

  • A profile of Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist
  • Dan Chung’s video report on the Arizona Shootings memorial

About Jim

I'm the Principal Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Westminster and course leader for the BA (Hons) degree in Journalism. Used to be a magazine journalist, mostly for i-D, The Face, Arena and Esquire and I covered the net and did new media things for The Guardian, The Observer and the BBC. But that seems a long time ago.
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